maandag 1 augustus 2011

There ain't no reason you and me should be alone tonight.

As I promised, a haul of everything I bought in Spain. And a few things a bought before and after my vacantion!
Hope you and enjoy and please leave a comment on what you liked or didn't like.Hahaha.(:

What I bought before my vacation:

- Cropped top: H&M
- White top: Vero Moda
- Floral dress: H&M

What I bought in my vacantion:

- Skirt: Mango
- Cardigan: Mango
- Blouse: Springfield
- Top scarf: Stadivarius
   Bottom scarf: Springfield
   Wallet: Mango
   Ring: Local market in Spain
- Purse: Zara

What I bought after my vacantion:

- Blazer kind of thing.xd: H&M
- Blouse: H&M
- Pumps:
- Broques:
- Pink nailpolish: Hema no. 1
- Glitter nailpolish: O.P.I. Bring on the Bling
- Nailpolish with little hearts in it: Local market in Elburg. (That's were I live.(:   )
- Canvas purse: Kruidvat

I guess you can say I bought a lot the last few months. -oops?-
Haha. I hope you liked this haul and please join my blog if you don't already! Byeeeeeeeeeee.<3

Ps. Soon there will be an outfit post soon!

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