maandag 15 augustus 2011

Think we kissed but I forgot.

Hello lovely readers!
I am so happy! I have 19 followers, yaaaaay.(:
Haha, for me that's a lot, don't judge me.xD
I  bought some make-up products that I wanna show to you+ swatches.:D
Hope you enjoy.<3

Ps. It would mean a lot to me if you'd go check out this link.  By watching that video, the chance that One Direction comes to Holland is gonna be bigger.:D Please do that for me..?;$

Pps. I apologize already for my English, but I really want to practise my English, so just deal with it.;p

(From left to right.) L'oréal eyeshadow trio - Lipstick Hema - Lipstick Hema - L'oréal nailpolish - Wild&More lippencil

L'oréal eyeshadow trio no. 400 Chocolate Addiction

Review: I have to be honest; the pigmentation isn't that great. I needed to swipe two times to get it like it's on the swatches. But although the glitters in the first two eyeshadows (swatches) are very chunky, it's not really a problem with applying it to your eyelids. The glitters don't fall of immediately but stay on quite well.:D

1.Hema lipstick Pure Shine collection no. 30 - 2.Hema lipstick Longer Lasting collection no. 01 
3. Wild&More ..? it's the only red one I believe.xD

1. This Hema lipstick (only available in Holland) is such a pretty color. :) It doesn't stay on very long, but I don't really mind, since the color is so pretty. Not a special color, but I just love it.;)     
2. This is my favorite lipstick at the moment. It's sooooo creamy, and it does what it says; it stays on long. And with long, I mean about 5 hours. That's quite long, since it's not a really super duber good make-up brand. With the Hema you have very good products, but also a lot of rubbish.x)
3. Mmmmh, the pigmentation is quite alright, but once you've put it on your lips, they feel so dry. No, I don't really like it. (This is what I wore in my last post, I had it on quite long and they were so dry afterwarts.)

L'oréal Resist&Shine TITANIUM nailpolish no. 734
Review: This is by far thé most beautiful vampy nailpolish colot evaaah! OMG I love it so much. I already wore it, but forgot to take any pictures. (Slaps herself in the face.) omygiieeeeeeh, haha, seriously, I don't even know how to describe the precise color, because it's one of a kind.(I think.;p) I wish I have a better camera, because capturing the colour was difficult, and still is, because the color on the pictures doesn't    really show how beautiful this nailpolish is.:( 

Recommendations: If I were you and lived in Holland I would definately buy a lipstick from Hema. Cheap yet really good quality! And the nailpolish, especially because they are gonna stop putting it back in the collection in Holland I believe.:'( I'm not sure, but I got it with a 50% discount, and they normally only do that with products that won't be in the collection anymore.

AAAAAH, SO MUCH TYPINGWORK. Haha.;p I liked doing something like this, really different than what I normally do.

Please tell me if you would like to see more of these little hauls with reviews. Love you!

xxxxxxx Merel

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  1. Ja tuurlijk :) Leuke blog, leuk om te lezen :D Ik volg je nu. :) xxx

  2. i love your blog ♥

  3. Super leuke post ^-^


  4. Leuke post! Mooie kleurtjes allemaal!

  5. Goede swatch!
    Neem ook eens een kijkje op mijn blog!
    Liefs, Charlie

  6. Zijn die lipsticks van de hema (ook beschikbaar in België, de meeste toch denk ik...) zijn die goed wat kwaliteit betreft? Ik koop nooit make-up in de hema omdat ik altijd denk, dat zal wel geen goede zijn! En ook echt, leuke en interessante blog! Je hebt er een follower bij!